Hybridge Dental Implants

Hybridge Full Mouth Implants are a more permanent & secure option for replacing your teeth & restoring your smile. The Hybridge system combines the best parts of dental implants & dentures, providing a foundation for many teeth to be placed at once.

Patients’ motivation for getting permanent dentures is usually twofold: They want to look better but also feel better too. Missing teeth, oral pain & uncomfortable dentures can be a constant drain on your feelings of well-being & may even limit the foods you eat. With a restored smile, our hope is that you’ll be able to enjoy many of your favorite foods again.

Perhaps the best moment in a complete mouth rehabilitation is when a patient sees their restored smile for the first time. Many patients report an immediate boost in self-confidence & self-esteem. We love seeing that genuine new smile reveal itself for the first time, especially in patients who have been avoiding smiling or hiding their true smiles for years. If you would like to completely restore your smile, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

What Are Hybridge Full Mouth Implants?

Hybridge Full Mouth Implants are used as the foundation for a permanent arch of replacement teeth—in other words, dentures. Unlike traditional dentures that are held on with suction or adhesive, implant-supported dentures attach to the implants for a very secure fit. This added stability allows most patients to start reintroducing tougher & harder foods back into their diet, which is great for both quality of life & nutrition.

In addition to a more secure fit, there are a few more major advantages to getting Hybridge Full Mouth Implants:

Hybridge Full Mouth Implants Look & Feel Like Natural Teeth

Hybridge Dental Implants are custom-made to fit your mouth & smile, from the shape & size of each tooth to your preferred color, with no need to match adjacent teeth. Unlike single implants & bridges, you won’t ever worry that your restored teeth will stand out from your natural teeth.  Hybridge’s full arch solutions will always look uniform & beautiful.

Using exceptional, strong materials, Hybridge Dental Implants feel like natural teeth. You’ll be able to eat what you want again! Because Hybridge Dental Implants are permanent, you can forget about taking them out overnight—or ever! You might even forget your teeth aren’t natural. However, Hybridge Dental Implants are repairable, so if something happens to them, your Hybridge dentist will be able to fix them.

Hybridge Full Mouth Implants Are More Affordable

Implant-supported dentures can be more affordable than regular implants because fewer implants are needed. Rather than repairing or replacing each tooth individually, just five or six dental implants are all you need to secure Hybridge full-arch dentures. Plus, it’s a single, holistic solution, whereas traditional full mouth restorations often require a cocktail of treatments—and the fees can add up really quickly.

Hybridge Full Mouth Implants Take Less Time

Often, Hybridge Dental Implants can be attached to the implants during the same appointment at which they are installed. That means you’ll get a brand new smile in one day! If your dentist believes your new dentures would benefit from a little extra time to perfect, you’ll get a temporary arch so you won’t be without teeth. Your new Hybridge permanent dentures will be ready in as little as two weeks! Traditional treatment can take several months!

Hybridge Full Mouth Implants Can Help Stop or Prevent Bone Loss

When you lose your teeth or have them removed, the lack of sensation from biting & chewing can cause your jaw to lose bone structure. The roots of your teeth naturally transfer the force of your bite into your jawbone, thus stimulating bone to renew & regenerate itself continuously. With traditional dentures, while you can eat & chew mostly normally, the pressure from biting is absorbed by your gums & your jaw doesn’t get the signals it needs to regenerate. However, with implant-supported dentures, the implants function as tooth roots & the force of your bite can travel through your false teeth, into the implants & then into the bone. This can stimulate your jawbone & prevent future bone loss.

Talk to us at your next appointment about whether Hybridge Full Mouth Implants are a fitting restorative solution for you.

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